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KeptChain is the first virtual currency for the real world, setting a new standard in tourism. Experience the safest, most transparent, and reliable cryptocurrency that transcends borders, transforming Kept Chain into the universal currency of travel.
What Do We Do?Utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology, KeptChain offers a universal, secure, and cost-effective payment solution that transcends geographical and financial barriers. Designed specifically for global travelers, KeptChain ensures that payments for services such as accommodations, transportation, and entertainment are seamless, economical, and instant.
How Do We Do It?By integrating directly with travel service providers, KeptChain not only simplifies transactions but also enhances the overall security and efficiency of consumer spending abroad. This innovative approach promises to transform how travelers manage their finances, making global tourism more accessible and enjoyable.
Decentralized Decision MakingKept Token shall adopt the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model with full strength which means that any event on the platform will not be under the control of a single institution but distributed among our KEPT community
Kept Token AcademyWe will be developing a separate education arm within our ecosystem to make the users across the globe develop awareness on beginners, intermediate, and advanced topics covered within the scope of blockchain and crypto.
Power of KEPTKEPT is the governance token for the Kept Token DAO allowing holders to vote on the future development of the project. Since our project is community-driven, KEPT aims to evolve as a premier community token with diverse use cases.
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